Law N.229 Dated 29th July 2003, So-called “2001 Simplification Law”, Concerning Some Interventions In Point Of Regulation Quality, Normative Readjustment And Codification: Readjustment In Point Of Information Society.

Law n.229 dated 29th July 2003, in force since 9th September 2003, delegates to the Government the legislative power within the ambit of some interventions concerning the regulation quality, the normative readjustment and the codification of some sectors regulated by provisions. Such regulation specifies, among others, the guiding principles and criteria that the Government shall hold in adopting one or more decrees concerning the readjustment regarding the regulation of services of information society (paragraph n.10).

The following questions have been addressed in this article:

Has the Italian Government the power to issue statute laws?
Which guiding principles and criteria shall be followed by the Government in adopting one or more decrees that is delegated by the Parliament in point of information society?
Which are the subjects for which the delegation is exercised?
Does the Government have the power to correct and/or to supplement the adopted decrees? In which terms?


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