Requirements And Procedures To Establish Internet Services Providers (isp) Connections In Chile

The quality of Internet Service Providers (ISP) has a direct impact on the operation of any e-business. Since e-businesses require the services of ISP, they may shop around to find the ISP that meets their necessities. Those businesses may want to know the rules governing their selected ISPs so they can judge their quality and commercial soundness. Entrepreneurs offering ISP services need to get acquainted with those rules as well. In most Latin American countries, the Ministry of Transportation and Telecommunications is the government agency in charge of regulating ISP. For instance, the Chilean Ministry of Transportation and Telecommunications, through the Sub-secretary of Telecommunications, has published resolution 1,483 establishing the requirements and procedures for ISP in Chile. This, resolution was published in 1999 and outlines the procedures and rules to be followed by ISP in that country.

The following questions have been addressed in this article:

What requirements and ISP must meet to operate in Chile?
What are the operational requirements for the interchange connections established by this Resolution?
Who will be in charge of the quality control of the ISP?


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