Jurisdiction Policies Regarding The Internet In The Eu And In The Us

E-commerce and the Internet in general give a new significance to an old problem in international law: the problem of jurisdiction. Jurisdiction can be defined as the geographical area over which a court has the power and right to exercise authority. Practically, the issue is to decide when a citizen of one country or a corporation with its place of business in one country fall under the jurisdiction of the courts of another country. Although the EU and the US originally adopted totally distinct policies regarding jurisdiction, there is some hope that these policies will be harmonized in the future.

The following questions have been addressed in this article:

How is the issue of jurisdiction dealt with in the EU?
How is the issue of jurisdiction dealt with in the US?
Is there a way that EU and US distinct policies regarding jurisdiction on the Internet can be unified?
What main arguments were raised during the negotiation of the Hague Convention?


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