Directive N. 2000/31/ce, Under Italian Law, Concerning Certain Legal Aspcets Of Information Society Services In The Internal Market, In Particular Electronic Commerce (3): The Closing Of Contracts By Telecommunication Means.

The Decree n.70 dated 9th April 2003 acknowledged in the Italian legal system the Directive n. 2000/31/CE concerning certain legal aspects of information society services in the Internal Market, in particular electronic commerce. The Decree deals with different aspects to which it is appropriate to make a through review.

The following questions have been addressed in this article:

What provisions shall be applied on the contracts closed by telecommunication means?
According to Italian Law, when is a contract considered to be closed?
When is a telecommunication document considered to be reached?
When is a contract by telecommunication means considered to be closed?
Which information shall be provided by a service provider who wants to close a contract by telecommunication means?


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