Eu Topic: Jurisdiction In The Eu

With the exponential growth of the Internet and e-commerce in the EU, international transactions and the number of disputes connected thereto are expected to multiply. Among the most serious legal issues raised by these disputes are those related to jurisdiction, which can be defined as the geographical area over which a court has the power and right to exercise authority. Indeed, when a dispute arise, a Court in the EU may have to adjudicate disputes in which the parties have little physical or geographical connection with each other or the jurisdiction. On the international level, this problem is aggravated by the diversity of applicable legal rules, some of which are more aggressive than others. For instance, in UEJF et LICRA v. Yahoo! Inc. et Yahoo France, T.G.I. Paris, May 22, 2000, a summary of which can be found at, the Court ordered Yahoo to implement technical or access control measures blocking auctions featuring Nazi memorabilia from French residents. Thus, an American company may be hauled into Court before a European jurisdiction to answer for the content of its website.


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