Data Protection For Businesses In Italy: The Basics

Information has today become one of business’s greatest assets. Correct management allows them to profitably exploit the large amounts of data that pass through their organizations. The European Union adopted the Directive 1995/46/EC in order to ensure that its citizens would enjoy a similar degree of privacy protection with regards to processing operations carried out by business, organizations and government. This means that companies must correctly assess the nature of the information they collect and why and how it will be used. This is the first step in determining how the Italian data protection rules set out in the law 675/1996 will apply to your activities.

The following questions have been addressed in this article:

What is personal data?
What are the data protection “roles” defined by the Law?
What are processing operations and does the Law apply when they are carried out manually?
To whom does the Law 675/96 apply?


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