The General Framework Of E-commerce And Its Development In Latin American Countries

Before analyzing any e-commerce concern, an attorney or entrepreneur must know where the issue is located within the general e-commerce framework. This will help find the relevant law in the country of interest. E-commerce writers make different classifications of the difficult issues e-commerce involves, which constitute a trend for the legislative body of each country. However, most of them coincide with the following two classifications. Mr. William Clinton and Mr. Albert Gore did the first classification presented in this excerpt as Roman number I. The second classification presented in this summary as Roman number II was made by Ms. Catherine L. Mann. After these two classifications, three main questions regarding e-commerce in Latin America are offered in Roman number III.

The following questions have been addressed in this article:

Is Internet available to the entire social and economic sectors of the population in Latin American countries?
What characteristic does an electronic payment system require and how easily can this system be established in Latin American Countries?
What are the main recommendations for the distribution and delivery system of goods bought/sold electronically by a Latin American country?


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