International Competition Network (icn)

The globalization of trade relations is followed nowadays by an internationalization of competition and, therefore, of anticompetitive practices, too. To date, there is not an international instrument of binding legal force allowing to deal thoroughly with transnational anticompetitive behavior. At most, bilateral cooperation agreements between antitrust authorities offer partial solutions. Some multilateral non-binding instruments in the framework of such intergovernmental organizations as the OECD and the UNCTAD also contain some basic principles trying to deal with these practices. In the given context, the recently established International Competition Network (ICN), between a constantly growing number of national antitrust authorities, has set forth the ambitious task of harmonizing the implementation of national competition laws.

The following questions have been addressed in this article:

Can representatives of the business community take part in the work of the ICN or is this an exclusively inter-agency body?
What is the scope of the ICN activity?
Are there concrete results of the ICN activity so far?


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