Hong Kong Trade Marks Ordinance (CAP.559)

The Trade Marks Ordinance (Cap. 559) is Hong Kong's current trademark framework. The Legislative Council passed this ordinance in May 2000 and it entered into force in 2003. Trademarks registered after April 4, 2003, are subject to this new trademark regime. The former trademark regime, Cap 43, still applies to those registrations filed before April 4, 2003. The government's major goal was to harmonize Hong Kong's laws with those of the European Union and the international community. Through its adoption, Hong Kong became a member of the World Trade Organization, the Paris Convention, and TRIPs (Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property).

The following questions have been addressed in this article:

What were the major changes of this Trade Marks Ordinance (Cap 559)?
What about the priority guaranteed under the Paris Convention or the World Trade Convention?
What about infringement actions under the Trade Marks Ordinance (Cap 559)?


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