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The IBLS Global E-Commerce Council is comprised of individuals and organizations dedicated to exploring E-Commerce Law and its global implications.

In this next generation of Internet and E-Commerce development and use, legal issues are emerging as a specialized field in need of experts. Consequently the IBLS Global E-Commerce Council represents a knowledge community of E-Law specialists who are actively shaping the future of E-commerce from both a regional and international perspective.

There is a sense of dynamism that permeates the activities, as the members work for greater understanding and acceptance of the importance of E-Commerce Law in Internet activities.

Members of the Council represent the legal, governmental, educational and business leaders who are instrumental on both advocacy and policy positions concerning E-Commerce. The Council’s activities are accomplished through ongoing dialogues among the members, with an emphasis on the eBusiness implementation for Internet transactions.

Benefits of IBLS Global E-Commerce Council Membership:

Benefits of Global E-Commerce Membership
Networking - Referral opportunities with E-Law professionals & organizations and personal interaction with fellow experts from around the world through access to IBLS’ hosted, private online E-Law discussion forum. Meeting with fellow members locally and taking part in council hosted conference calls.

Trends - Advance opportunities to learn about major trends that will structure the E-Law debate for the next decade.

Promotion - Promotion of Member’s firm or organization in the IBLS E-Law member directory.

  • IBLS Global E-Commerce Council logo use for your website or stationary to identify your expertise and membership in the organization.
  • Announcement and promotion of your firm or organization in the IBLS monthly e-mail newsletter.
  • Participation via interviews where appropriate in IBLS international press releases. IBLS is often asked to refer media inquiries to members who are experts in their fields of practice. Members will receive publicity and recognition through IBLS media opportunities. More on IBLS media can be found in the press releases section.
Services - Access to IBLS Business Partner offers (exclusive IBLS member pricing on services).

Speaking - Preferred status for speaking opportunities at IBLS events.

Teaching - Teaching opportunities for qualified educators within IBLS Online Education endeavors and Corporate Education.

Publishing - Priority opportunity for publication opportunities within all IBLS publications, both online and in print. A free listing in the IBLS Global E-Commerce Council Directory. Other opportunities to be published.

Invitations - Invitations for all IBLS hosted events and credit towards admission fees ( $500 admission fee credit for IBLS Global Summit for E-Business taking place in the Fall, 2005.) The yearly Strategic Global Summit For E-Commerce is an important event at which delegates from around the world gather to make presentations, network, and learn the trends in the industry which keeps them ahead of the curve of legal knowledge.

To receive expert information on E-Commerce law, as well as all areas of Internet Law from a global perspective, the IBLS database is your source. It is a comprehensive wealth of Internet Law knowledge that is searchable by key word, legal category, or business category. The content is organized in summary form, with links to reference material as well as the author. One can view the abstracts of the summaries before purchasing to make sure your topic is on point. The material is written by Charter Partners and IBLS editors, who submit to the IBLS database on a regular basis. Charter Partners represent 92 leading law firms in 42 countries.

We encourage IBLS Global E-Commerce Council members to seek expert advice from Charter Partners when questions arise by subscribing to the IBLS database. This allows the E-Commerce members to read summaries that address their particular area in question and then if further consultation or representation is required, an intake form which can be filled out which is sent to the Charter Partner. .

Charter Partners

If you are active in tax this is an excellent method to further promote your expertise in E-Tax Law and other related Internet Law fields to a worldwide audience, all at no cost to the Charter Partner. For more information on becoming a Charter Partner for Europe, please contact Alain Megias, Director of EU Law, at , for Latin America please contact Martha Arias, Director of Latin America Law, at , for other regions and countries including U.S., please contact Tom Flores, at .


IBLS encourages its Global E-Commerce Council members to submit their original articles, newsletters, book reviews, presentations, editorials, or other documents that explain an area of Internet Law for possible publication on the IBLS site. To read some recent articles on a variety of Internet Law related topics, please visit the IBLS article section .

In addition, IBLS is currently working on several publications concerning E-Commerce Law, E-Tax, and other fields that touch on doing business over the Internet. If you are interested in assisting in the project, please contact IBLS at . Someone will follow up with you shortly with more details.