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Why publish in E-Commerce and Tax Law Journal?

E-Commerce and Tax Law Journal is a legal publication created and published by the IBLS, the world largest Internet law publisher and Thomas Jefferson School of Law Masters in Law Program.

IBLS publishes Internet Law E-Books Series, a concentration of the most relevant information on e-commerce and Internet laws and regulations around the world; Internet law digital library, a database of original, copyrighted editorials and commentaries written by IBLS legal editors and IBLS Global Legal Network’s Charter Partners- experts in Internet and E-Commerce Law from more than 400 top-tier global law firms from 56 countries. IBLS also publishes Internet Law News with a subscription base of more than 80,000 members from 200 countries.

IBLS offers its authors - the speed of innovative online production, excellent publishing and editorial team, and an unmatched academic and professional exposure to a worldwide audience.

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